Putting Tips For Beginners – Sink Your Shots!

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So you want to shave strokes off your game, right? Well out of any club in your bag, the putter is definitely the place to do it. A lot of golfers focus on their driver, you’ll see it all the time at the driving range, and it’s great to practice with all of your clubs, don’t get me wrong, but most tend to neglect the most important club in the bag. Let’s go over some putting tips for beginners that will help you raise your game, lower your score and have you sinking more shots.


Types Of Putters

There are tons of different types of putters out there in today’s world. The one you choose is solely based on personal preference. Some that are a basic blade style right up to ones that look like a spaceship at the head. All great in their own way and all offer different balance, weight and ball alignment strategies. I encourage anyone to test a few different styles out to find a comfortable fit that works for you. It is very much a specialty club for each individuals likes and dislikes.

Your Ball Hits The Green!

Check your line and read the break

Some days just hitting the green with a shot is rewarding enough, but in order to raise your game we need to shave strokes off of it with great putting and execution.

In golf, the only time you are legally allowed to pick up your ball or touch it after tee up is when your ball is on the green. I always recommend marking your ball on a green. Place your ball marker behind the ball tight to the ball and pick your ball up. Give it a wipe, any debris can directly affect the true roll of your putt and completely change your shot accuracy.

Crouch down so you can see your line to the hole and look for any breaks or slopes that will affect your shot towards the hole. At this point I like to place the ball down and angle it using the letters or name on the ball as a line towards the angle I want to hit it. Think of the slopes and how the ball would travel towards the hole, how you would need to angle it to get it there. Pick up your ball marker.

Take Your Best Shot

The shot is really a lot about feel and it can take some practice to get the right touch on the ball. Weather conditions, length of grass, length of your putt, what type of break or non break you may be facing, all will affect how hard or soft you want to hit the ball. I’ts really about feeling it out on that particular day. Get some practice putts in on the practice green before you start your round. Gain your feel early, it all helps.

Your putting motion is just back and forward, all together with your arms and shoulders, everything moving together in unison. Think of a clock pendulum, back and forward, one motion. Follow through the ball the same length you took your putter back. You want to hit square to the back of the ball on your stroke, a common mistake is coming in from the inside on impact and changing your shot completely. You’ve set your ball up already and angled it accordingly and now you are standing above your ball and hitting it on that angle. Don’t second guess yourself looking down on the ball, it may look off line but it isn’t, Don’t let the eyes play tricks on you. Trust it and hit it.

Make sure your stance is comfortable relative to the ball. Sometimes the ball is in the middle of your stance, sometimes it may be a little forward in your stance, but I say it’s all about feel. If it feels right and you feel like you can put the right touch on the ball at the angle you are facing then it’s the right stance to be in for that particular shot. Every approach on different greens is going to be different because of distance, type of break etc. It is important to trust your own feel and intuition and learn from it.Putting-Tips-For-Beginners

Watch Your Ball Impact

Your eyes should be directly over the ball, keep that head down to watch the impact and follow through, then look at your ball. Lifting the head up early could affect the line your ball travels on and could make your stroke chunk the ground or just make bad contact with the ball. Stay patient in a nice fluid motion. Again, it’s purely a feel thing and you have to practice the repetition of the putting stroke so it becomes a natural feel.

Don’t Throw Your Clubs

Haha. For 1, they’re not cheap and they do break, trust me, but really it’s about having fun. Getting out there and making some nice putts is so rewarding. Knowing that you truly read that break and put the right touch on the ball is a skill and something to be proud of.

In golf, we are all aiming to 2 putt on every green, that’s the target that most golfers want to achieve as an average rule of thumb. So if I’m giving you my best putting tips for beginners I will say this… Regardless of how many strokes it takes you to get to the green, just focus on trying to 2 putt once you are on it. That right there alone is victory on every hole and once the rest of your game rounds into form you will be unstoppable.

If you are genuinely serious about improving your game, don’t let the rest of your game ruin your putting game because of frustration. Treat them separately and you will be pleasantly surprised how you are rewarded for your effort. Remember you are only really playing against yourself in golf. It’s about bettering your own game if you are learning. Now go shave some strokes off your game and sink those putts!Putting-Tips-For-Beginners

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