Golf Swing Training Equipment – Will It Help Your Game?

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In the world we live in today, let’s face it, we are all pretty busy out there. Often we can only get to the course or even a driving range once a week? Maybe a bit more or less depending. What better way to improve your game than by doing some training around the comfort of your own home when you have some free time? Let’s look at some different types of golf swing training equipment that we can use to make the most of our time and get our game in better shape. Today we will look at the different styles or types of devices, how they work, and what they can do to help.



Swing Training Aids

There are literally hundreds of swing training aids on the market today and more showing up by the day it seems. Trying to select the right one that suits your needs can be confusing and intimidating at times. The main goal and purpose of any swing training aid is to ultimately help train your mind and body to get on a proper swing plane and tempo, encouraging you to develop that feel and muscle memory over time. There are a few types that can be beneficial to your game.

Arm Bands

  • Help promote a proper one-piece takeaway, keeping your arms and body in sync and your back elbow close to your body. It is made up of a stretchable material and can really be beneficial to training your body to execute a more efficient swing.

Weighted Swing Clubs

  • A weighted club can really force you to swing on a proper path. Through repetition, you can gain that feeling of swinging on the right plane as the club and gravity does the work to keep you on line. There are many styles that all work in a similar fashion with the ultimate goal of achieving that golden swing!

Swing Training Straps

  • Similar to an arm band, the training strap usually is a velcro type of unit that wraps around the body and upper back arm. It can really help in that “flying elbow” type of takeaway that can lead to an improper swing path and inconsistent ball striking. It primarily keeps that back elbow close to the hip on your downswing to promote a great swing.

Flex Swing Trainers

  • There are many variations on the market of this type of product. It is usually made up of a compact style shaft with a rope and some type of ball attachment, or can be just a flexible shaft with a weighted head. The purpose is to improve tempo and proper wrist technique. Very beneficial in developing a proper feel and tempo to your swing.

Club Sensors

  • This product can be used in conjunction with the above products and can really be a game changer. An attachment to your club that measures the mechanics affecting ball height and shot results. Generally synced to an app, this product can tell you swing tempo, speed, club path measurements, and your club angles at the face and shaft. Pretty incredible technology to really be able to study your game and make improvements.

Driving – Chipping Nets

These are always a fun backyard product to have. They definitely come in all shapes and sizes to suit any type of area you are setting up in and can be a really convenient way to practice. Set up your driving mat with a net, incorporate some swing trainers above and there you go! Practice in privacy and achieve great results for the course.

You could also opt for some smaller chipping nets that will promote accuracy on distance. Just visualize where you want your ball to land as if you’re taking a greenside chip and try to land it in the netting. An excellent way to improve your short game at an affordable cost.



Range Finders – Launch Monitors – GPS

Technology again folks. There are so many styles on the market for all of these units. The portable units can be brought to the course to help your game there.

  • GPS watches and portable units can tell you the precise yardages to greens, hazards, dog-legs an even pin direction on blind shots. If you know your clubs well, in a way where you know how far you hit each one, these GPS units can be a huge advantage for you on the course.
  • Range finders can be a cool product to add to your arsenal if you are truly all about distance. Most of these units can lock in on a flag stick with great accuracy so you can find your yardage to the pin. Some will even compensate slope, temperature and other aspects to give you a real true distance. A huge help in making a proper club selection for every shot.
  • Launch monitors are really the “cream of the crop” in technology. These units measure ball flight and really give you every aspect of what your ball is doing. Swing speed, ball carry, ball speed, launch angle, apex, smash factor, it’s all there. Some even have voice output of your distance. An incredible source of information to help your game and have fun doing it.
  • Golf simulators offer a real game experience in the comfort of your own home. Get all the same golf measurements in a launch monitor and hit any ball from tee to green using your own clubs. Use it as a practice tool with varied settings or challenge your friends to a round in your home viewing it on a screen. A real convenient unit to have at home.

Putting Devices

There are a variety of putting devices out there. Some are designed for all out fun where you are just trying to sink your shots on a putting mat into the cup, others offer a more serious approach with mirrors and strings to encourage proper alignment and stroke. It is truly a personal preference as to what you’re looking to gain out of one of these products. They all can offer a great experience.

I find that the putting mats are fun for competition with friends but can be a bit boring if you’re using them by yourself. The more serious training devices are great for practice alone and can really be a huge help to your game when you commit to regular practice and take that same putting stroke to the course.

Spice Up Your Game

As you can see, there are a many types of golf swing training equipment available out there that can be very helpful to your game. Some of them are really inexpensive and can be a huge benefit to improving your swing and making you a far better golfer in the process. I encourage you to align yourself with something that’s going to work for you and stick with it. Put in the time and dedication and you will truly improve your game.

Technology has changed this great game of golf in a big way and we can all reap the rewards if we want. It’s there for the taking. Please leave me a comment below if you have any questions and I will gladly reply. I wish everyone the best in their successful journey to improving their game!


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  1. As a high-handicap golfer who enjoys playing the game, This was a GREAT post.

    It gave me some new, excellent ideas on equipment that might help me improve.

    I did not know about the depth of swing training aids out there. That really surprised me. I’m going to have to check out those club sensors to see how they can help me swing consistently.

    The Spice up Your Game section with the encouragement to stick with it. I think many of the people I know (myself included) don’t use our best patience to stay with one thing for the duration.

    Great article and very helpful ideas for game improvement

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