Fix My Golf Slice – Keeping Your Ball In The Fairway

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One of the most frustrating missed shots in golf is the dreaded slice. It usually starts off straight and then the ball tails off to the right if you’re a righty or left if you’re a lefty. Unless you want to carry a chainsaw in your bag as an extra club we’ve got to solve this issue!

I have a good friend that used to line up way off line, facing in a different direction to compensate for his slice, until he actually hit it straight one day and hit the roof of the pro shop that was 2 fairways over. Lol. True story. His first exact words were ” It’s time to fix my golf slice.” It is definitely a far more enjoyable game when you have control over your ball.



Look At Your Clubs

When I say this I mean, what kind of clubs are you using to start with? As a beginner you should be using a type of iron set that has an offset where the head meets the shaft It is a slight bend that helps you get your club face squared up on impact and gives you a fair chance at a great long and straight shot. A cavity back on the iron (open back) and over-sized head also gives you more distance on your shot and a bigger chance to hit the sweet spot on the club.

Cavity back irons with over-sized heads

More experienced golfers would be after more of a straight, blade type iron so they can shape and adjust their shot according to how they want to hit it.

When using your woods and driver you need to look at the shaft on the club. The stiffer the shaft, the more swing speed you need to impact the ball in order to get your maximum distance. As a beginner or average golfer I would recommend a regular flex or even a softer flex, with a higher degree of loft to get the club working properly for you while maximizing your distance on the ball at the same time.

Foot Technique

If you are continually slicing a ball, chances are you are coming over the top on the ball and leaving the face of your club open instead of hitting from the inside out. Remember, ideally you want to impact the ball on the inside and square up as you drive through the ball and follow through.

Another common problem is when your wrist on your top hand is cupped at the top of your backswing, leaving the clubface open as well. You want to make sure that your wrist is flat and forearm is straight at the top of your backswing, with the clubface square.

A great practice technique is to drop your back foot back about half way to where your front foot is planted. This forces you to bring your body around and connect on the inside of the ball. I do this quite often even on the course if I want to make sure my shot stays alive in a situation where a water hazard is on my “slice” side or sand etc.

Stay Down On The Ball

The importance of staying down on the ball is crucial. Impact the ball, head, arms, shoulders stay down and drive the club through the ball, impact the back of the ball and follow through to take that divot. As watch these pros it happens on every shot. That’s a proper shot on a ball. The divot comes after impact on the ball.

Practice Your Craft

Practice, practice, practice. It’s just that kind of game. Get to your local driving range and work on it. integrate the right mechanics in your body so it becomes muscle memory. Nothing is more rewarding than solving a swing issue like this and when you do hit the course you know how to avoid the problem.

Work on the foot technique of dropping that back foot back a bit and set up your range balls with the stripe on the right angle so you can visually see how you want to hit it from the inside out. You will start getting a feel for squaring up the club face. As you get better at hitting it consistently you can start bringing that back foot forward and even with your front foot, while still applying the same type of swing technique.


Your Time To Shine

So there you have it. It all starts with using the right type of clubs to minimize the fight. A very important starting point for a beginner. That is the foundation. Fix my golf slice? That’s half the battle right there, then it’s really about practice and technique after that. If you work at it diligently it won’t take long to start developing that feel for striking the ball properly to avoid slicing it.

Dropping that back foot back a bit should make you start hitting a draw, where your ball curls to the inside. Learn to play like that and get comfortable with it, and before you know it you’ll be shaping your shots accordingly to get around obstacles and keeping your ball in the fairway far more often.

This is just another way to shave those strokes off your game and make a round of golf more enjoyable. If there are any questions or if I can help in any way please hit me up in the comments and I will do my best to get you on the right path.

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